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Online casino industry has become a biggest thing to happen in the global gambling world where lots of innovations are happening every now and then. Being a wealthy industry, it often attracts finest professional human intelligence to contribute for a handsome return. One example of this is several online software providers, who are now increasing day by day. Though, many legendry software providers are still in the industry with their innovative playing thoughts which they, actually, have implemented in their online casinos, like Microgaming, who has more than one hundred online casinos under its online portfolio, and even today, Microgaming is the most reliable and trustworthy online gaming solutions provider with its spanned recognition among global online players. Online casino games started their online journey in the late nineteen century when Microgaming launched its first online casino, and since then, it never looked back, perhaps, it keeps innovating its online technologies and retained its top lead amongst various software providers.

Twenty first century has seen a remarkable achievement in online gambling technology, and that’s live interactive casino games, which are proximately similar to the land casino games. In initial journey of online gambling, players had to download casino software and play their choice of games, standalone, or against the casino, which used to be satisfying to them – to some extent, but not to the extent as land casinos used to do. In order to provide online players a virtual land casino like playing experience, online casinos have come up with their Live Interactive Games that can be participated by multiple players, like they do in a land casino. Numerous online poker rooms are the finest example of what a player can experience playing simultaneously with other players, in real time.

However, a player needs to have some basic infrastructure to enjoy his uninterrupted live playing session, i.e., a dedicated broadband connection, a smooth running play device, and real money to participate in real money games! The only difference with lively interactive games is; you won’t feel a crowd even if you’re playing with tens of players simultaneously, and your game is being watched by hundreds of global viewers. Despites, you have a great amount of exposure, if, somehow, you win a big jackpot playing a live casino game. Online poker tournaments are the best display of live gaming technology, and its impact in today’s gaming environment. You must have come across the user names of players who have won big amounts playing on various online rooms. So, live gaming technology is the next level in online casino gambling, and everyone should impart in it to feel the true excitement of the real world!

Microgaming-powered Prima Networks to Launch Neomobile

With the Italian market having 50 million mobile users, 11 million of which are mobile surfers, it stands to reason that with online gambling regulation now in place, mobile gambling will be the next step.

Microgaming powered games provider Prima Networks, recently announced that a new Italian mobile gaming operator, the NeoMobile Group, was about to launch the very first Italian mobile gaming operation through its Neomobile Gaming Division.

The Neomobile Group is a world-leader in mobile media entertaining and pioneers in mobile commerce and marketing and has great plans for the future.

Neomobile Gaming will benefit greatly from their Microgaming partnership which will enable them to use a ready available suite of AAMS-certified casino games which have been chosen from the fast expanding portfolio of over 150 premium titles available through Microgaming’s QuickFire.

More and more online gambling operators have been seeing the benefits of taking up Microgaming powered QuickFire almost every week over the past few weeks as this straightforward gaming platform integrates smoothly across various different gaming platforms without any need for down-time or extensive back-office support. QuickFire is uncomplicated and unique rapid integration at its best.

According to Francesco Postiglione, Managing Director of Neomobile Gaming, their mobile gaming offering will be “the most complete and competitive in the Italian market”. He added that the group has been working extremely hard in order to get it off the ground and that all partners are looking forward to a long and successful working relationship. Postiglione also stated that this is an excellent example of leading providers working together in order to get mobile gaming in Italy prepared for its maiden voyage.

Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Losses in Slots

If you are looking for a good strategy that will help you out in your slots gaming, then you might be disappointed to find out that there are no sure-fire way to win in the game, basically because it is still gambling. What you can do however, is to make sure that you maximize your profits and minimize your losses. Note that the casino always has the edge over this game and you might end up broke if you are not careful.


Limiting Your Losses

If you have played slots games before, or any other gambling games for that matter, then chances are, you already have experienced losing bit by bit. Some people believe that they can catch up to their losses if they increase their bet on the next round. This is, however, unadvised since you will simply be risking an even bigger portion of your bankroll. Instead of increasing your bets the next time you lose, you should consider decreasing it instead. As your bankroll diminishes, so should your bets, so that you will get to fight for another round.


Maximizing your Winnings

If you’re not winning anything after a few spins, then maybe it’s time to find another slots game that will let you win. If you find a good casino game that lets you feel like you’re on fire, you should remember one thing. The one thing that you should consider when playing slots is to maximize your profits when you are winning. This can be done simply by increasing the amount of credits you bet as you win more games. Of course, you still have to keep in mind that you should decrease your bets as you lose though. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to always bet the maximum amount of coins every time. You will have a much better chance of triggering the game’s bonus mini games and free spins if you do so.


Random Number Generator

One of the many reasons why people end up broke playing slots is that they believe that the machine is due to pay out eventually and the casino player then increases the bet as he goes along. The thing about the slot machines online is that they run on a RNG, more commonly known as the Random Number Generator. Every spin you make has the same chance of hitting a winning combination no matter how many spins you have already made.

International Gaming Technology (IGT) to acquire Double Down Interactive

The Las Vegas based Slot-machine maker International Game Technology (IGT) has confirmed that it intends acquiring Double Down Interactive LLC, the leading social media developer for up to $500 million.

Double Down Interactive has been operating since 2004 and due to its popular Double Down Casino, it has a powerful presence on Facebook, the social networking site.

In terms of the acquisition International Game Technology will pay $250 million upfront in cash for Double Down and a further amount of $85 million in retention payments over the following two years. A further amount of $165 million performance-based payments will be paid for the following three years. International Game Technology intends funding the acquisition by using cash on hand.

Information provider has revealed that Double Down launched on Facebook in 2010 and is known to be the world’s largest virtual casino boasting 4.7 million monthly active users.

Chief Executive Officer for IGT, Patti Hart, reported that the new deal will launch IGT into a leadership position in social gaming, extend their global reach through new mediums and leverage their unrivaled capability in game development.

Greg Enell, Chief Executive Officer for Double Down Interactive, stated that his group shares “complementary cultures” with International Games Technology which focus on originality and inventiveness. Enell added that both Double Down and International Games Technology are committed to providing players with unrivaled quality, service and enjoyment.

International Games Technology is a global gaming company specializing in the manufacture, design and marketing of electronic gaming equipment and systems. 72% of its consolidated revenues originated from the United States in 2010 while its international business made up 28%.

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